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Have you met Java? She's our little robot, looking for kids and their view on the world. That's 'Kids Generated Content': children showing their lives and interests to others, sharing knowledge and inspiration through multimedia. Pictures, videos, blogs, games and so on, all made by kids.

Every month, Java launches three new challenges, all based around a central theme. There are a lot of themes to choose from, i.e. Social Integration, My Talent, Art and Culture and so on. Just have a peek at the latest challenge videos.

After that, it's your turn to respond with cool content. Let your creativity go wild. You can send us your pictures, video, ... through the form below. Just fill in the information on your school and project. Make sure you store your project online first and provide us with the URL in the corresponding field. 

This way, we can take a look at it and if it's cool, we share it on the Java'sCool Platform, for all other children to see.

Ready? Set... Go! 



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